Women & Girls

  • Where Most Needed

    Help meet specific, vital needs that might otherwise go unmet!

  • Education For A Girl

    Empower a girl to transform her life and her community with a one-year scholarship.

  • Sewing Machine

    Help an aspiring tailor or seamstress support her family.

  • Empower A Single Mom

    Embolden a single mom to overcome stigma and confidently parent her child.

  • Equip a family with the supplies they need to grow food and generate income.

  • Give comfort and joy — and baby essentials — to a new mom.

  • Long-term financial stability begins with strong job skills.

  • Help a family start a small business and independently support their children.

  • Help a mom kick her small business into high gear.

  • Food carts help families generate stable income to support their children.

  • Pre- and post- natal care helps babies start and continue on a healthy path.

  • Provide a permanent home for a vulnerable family in Mongolia.

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