Our Favorite Things

  • Help meet specific, vital needs that might otherwise go unmet!

  • Chickens provide vital nutrients and generate income.

  • Goats supply families with nutritious milk every day.

  • Equip one child with a year’s worth of school supplies.

  • Keep a child warm and dry throughout the winter.

  • Empower a girl to transform her life and her community with a one-year scholarship.

  • Equip a family with the supplies they need to grow food and generate income.

  • Keep a child’s tummy full, body healthy and mind ready to learn.

  • Repair one child's cleft lip and palate.

  • Give an entire barnyard of nutrition, income and hope.

    A group gift is a fun way to give a gift. When you create a group gift, you get your family, friends, or coworkers to buy it together. You choose a date, the occasion, and who it's for, then get people to join in.
  • Empower a struggling mom with a sewing machine.

  • A cow can quickly strengthen a family's financial stability.