• Send a girl to school this Giving Tuesday

Goal: Send 350 Girls to School


Around the world, so many girls don’t get to go to school.

When a girl isn’t in school, not only does she miss out on an education — but she’s at greater risk for domestic violence, child labor, early marriage or being stuck in poverty forever.

That’s why this Giving Tuesday, we want to send 350 girls to school. Just $125 provides the one-year scholarship a girl needs for a bright future.

There are lots of reasons why girls drop out of school, or don’t go in the first place:

Poverty: there isn’t enough money for school expenses

Gender discrimination: families send sons to school, but not daughters

Early marriage: girls who marry as a teenager almost always drop out of school. But being in school also protects girls from early marriage!

Generational illiteracy: illiterate or uneducated parents may not value and education

But when — against all these odds — a girl goes to school, everything changes. She is empowered to change her life, and be a force of change in her family and community.

So this Giving Tuesday, November 30, give generously to help a girl across the world. Send a girl to school, and change her life forever.

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Send a girl to school this Giving Tuesday