Fully Furnished Ger


On the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, nearly 65,000 families live in dire poverty. Many have migrated from the countryside in search of work and they often live in crowded gers — traditional Mongolian homes — with extended family. Some are essentially homeless, living in whatever makeshift dwellings they can find.

Others live in the city's largest garbage dump, where they earn a living collecting recyclables from the refuse.

The families who live here are mostly comprised of parents, and often single mothers, with young children. Without a consistent source of water or heat, their health and hygiene is extremely poor, with frequent outbreaks of lice and diarrhea, and many children are bullied at school because of the way they look and smell. When kids are out of school, and forced to live in crowded gers, they are also far more apt to run away and live on the streets.

Your gift today will provide a home to a vulnerable family, including warm bedding and furniture, a stove to keep them warm throughout the winter, a washbasin, and access to water and electricity. You will bring stability to a family at risk of separation — keeping children safe in the loving care of their parents.

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