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Education For a Girl


When girls are educated, the impact on their community is immeasurable. But around the world, more than 57 million children do not attend school. Of these children, 31 million are girls. Girls are far more likely than boys to drop out of school at a younger age. And globally, more than two-thirds of the world’s illiterate adults are women. Gender-based violence and discrimination often undermine retention rates for female students — especially when they come from poor families. And when struggling to make ends meet, many families opt to keep boys in school and pull girls out to help earn income for the family. That’s why we have a special fund just for girls. Your Gift of Hope will help a girl at risk of dropping out to stay in school, and enjoy all the opportunities that come with a good education! It will also cover the cost of additional advocacy both in her home and community. 

Education for a girl