• Covid Crisis - Holt International Gifts of Hope
  • Covid Crisis - Holt International Gifts of Hope

COVID Crisis

Countries around the world are battling new waves of COVID-19, and children and families are in crisis.

Children are shut in their homes on lockdown and unable to get enough food. Families can’t work and have run out of money. Our staff and partners are not safe as they go out in the community — risking their lives to help in whatever way they can. Some of the children and families we serve are even getting sick…

Will you help send emergency food, medicines, masks and sanitizer, and anything else these children and families need to survive?

Many of our own staff members are sick with COVID themselves, or are grieving the loss of family members who have passed away.

“The condition of the children and families we serve is deplorable.”

 — Nandini Sundaramurthy the director of one of Holt's partner organizations in India.

We’re currently reaching out to all of the children and families we can, getting an assessment of what the greatest, most emergent needs are — and how we can help.

Your emergency gift right now will provide:

Emergency food for children whose family members are sick with COVID. And for families who are on lockdown and have run out of food and money.

Masks and sanitizer to protect children and families in poverty from getting sick.

Anything else to help children and families right now. Many of our staff are on lockdown and desperately trying to respond to the most urgent needs. We honestly don't even know what all the needs are right now. But we need to respond as quickly as possible when these needs come in.

Please, will you pray for the children and families who are trying to survive this crisis? Will you also give emergency help right now?

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